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Why Teams?

Teams are a great way of extending ministry with the Roma children and adults. We have teams visiting year around who are excited about their part in sharing the Word of God, being an encouragement to the FMN team, and helping out in projects and outreach that propel the ministry further.
Some teams come to impart skills or trades that they pass onto the adults. Some help with manual labor projects around the ministry sites and in the village or construction. Some teams create evangelism programs for children or adults, and some teams like to have a mixture of everything while visiting.

What is Katartizo?

Katartizo is our team house, which is located approximately half a mile from our main ministry site, the Isaiah Center and one mile from the Roma (Gyspy) village that FMN is involved in. The house has been renovated completely on the inside and can provide accomodation for up to 25 people at a time. Teams that come to visit and support our projects work very hard and also see a lot of poverty and strife day to day, so we have tried to create a sanctuary through Katartizo, where team members can enjoy peaceful and relaxed settings after all their hard work. 

The name Katartizo comes from the Greek translation of the bible verse Luke 6:40. It means to repair the broken, and prepare them for spreading the gospel. We believe that this is what each team member does; repairing and preparing the broken (members of the FMN families) for further ministry!

Katartizo's Features:

* Katartizo has a fully fitted kitchen so teams can cook their own meals, or we have great prices on a local cook who can provide traditional and hearty Romanian meals if teams prefer that

* Each room has an ensuite bathroom

* Wifi access

* Comfortable space for team meetings with a screen perfect for putting lyrics for worship time, or viewing photos of the day

* Large garden which has many seating areas perfect for team members to take a moment to pray, study and journal in the peace and tranquility of the surroundings

* Romania is a beautiful country and we are blessed to have mountain views (on a clear day) from Katartizo's garden

* Tranquil river and a public park alongside the property with a soccer field

* Much more!

How can I bring or come with a team? 

If you are interested in serving and leading a team to Romania or you wish to make a visit, please click the button below to fill out a contact form. 
Scroll down for pictures of Katartizo and a video overview of teams. 

Team Testimonies Teams & Visitors Contact Form


Team Testimony 1

FMN is an absolutely amazing foundation that I have had the privilege to serve at, partner with, and lead a team on two different occasions. I am continually blessed by the leadership in Romania and their God driven vision, servant mindset, passion for change and desire to see the Roma people empowered and equipped.

Each and every moment I have with the children, staff, leadership, families and projects is treasured and appreciated. Words cannot even begin to express my admiration for FMN as a foundation and all that they are doing for these children and their families. They are changing a culture by changing a generation one child and one family at a time.

One of the most incredible things about my time with FMN is that each and every trip there is tangible evidence of God stirring and moving in Tinca. They strive and are succeeding at empowering and equipping the people they are working with. This is not a foundation who is providing temporary band aids but who is restoring hope, building relationships and allowing God to create lasting change in the hearts and minds of the Roma.

Team Leader - Erin P, Canada

Team Testimony 2

This is my second trip to Tinca, Romania to assist the “Forget Me Not” ministry. It was so exciting to see first-hand the progress of the ministry in the last couple of years. You can actually experience God working His mighty power through the team and the Roma people. Rachel Ross and Dave Truss show amazing leadership skills as the team they have developed provide physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for the many families they work with. The love of God shows through all they do. God’s work is done with dedication and devotion as education and practical solutions are brought to a hurting people.

A mission trip experience changes the very core of your being. You bring back an increased measure of faith. You absolutely learn more about walking daily with God. Just one little hug from an abandoned orphan child increases your compassion, changes your perspective on the world, and gives you hope for their future.

Team Leader - Karen N, Canada

Team Testimony 3

This year our team, small in numbers, LARGE in heart and love for the ROMA, spent our entire time in Tinca with Forget Me Not Ministries and our hearts will never be the same. We were, and are, so encouraged by Rachel and Dave (along with all who help them), allowing themselves to be used as vessels by our Holy God, doing all of the different ministries that make up Forget Me Not Ministries.

Seeing the difference one year makes at the Isaiah Center was an amazing and glorious thing – the differences that have taken place in a year can only be described as a God Thing! Our team was able to deliver food to the families that take part with the Isaiah Center and pray with each of them one evening and came away very much moved and encouraged by those families. The VBS days were awesome and our team was able to see God move in children and parents lives alike – with the last day being able to present the plan of salvation and pray with those precious children of God.

This was truly a great trip and I believe the doors have begun to open that I had been praying about all of those years. Our team would encourage anyone that reads this to pray for Rachel, Dave and Forget Me Not Ministries and all of what God is using them for – that HE would meet all of their needs over and over again.

What an Awesome God WE ALL SERVE and to be able to serve with our team in TINCA was another life changing trip to Romania and makes me look so much forward to 2015.

Team Leader - Jeff H, USA

Team Testimony 4

FMN does such fantastic work with families and children that the world has forgotten, they don’t just cloth and feed the families but help the families they work with to see the bigger picture that God loves them and wants the best for them. Without FMN the families would have no hope and no employment.

I whole heartedly recommend FMN from a team perspective. Bringing a team to work with FMN was life changing. The first time I met Alex (one of the children in the Isaiah Center program), laid bricks, built a chicken shed and had the opportunity to show the love of God.

It was easy to bring a team, and you are looked after and part of a wonderful team headed up by Rachel and Dave. God really helped us through the work in Romania to see the world differently with more compassion for those who have less than us. Our team were forever changed by their experience in Romania with FMN.

Team Leader - Dave B, England

Team Testimony 5

As a college age minister I've had the privilege of leading multiple teams to Romania to work alongside Rachel Ross and the FMN team! It is always humbling to see first hand the good work God is doing amongst the Roma people in and through Forget Me Not!

This trip has been pivotal in the lives of many of the students in our ministry! The FMN team works hard day in and day out to be faithful to the vision God has given them to reach the Roma, so the experience is full!

You will work hard, love big, and come home changed!

Team Leader - Ben W, USA

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