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What is the Work Program?

Up to 90% of the Roma population are UNEMPLOYED! This means that they have no means in which to provide food and other care for their children and families and often will result in abandoning their children, illegal activities, prostitution, and sex trafficking. The Roma have been caught in a horrible cycle (especially since the fall of Communism) in which they suffer great racial discrimination daily, were not welcomed in schools therefore having little education, and can find hardly any work (rather than day jobs). They lack access to jobs, health care, and other social services.
FMN has created jobs throughout the week to provide our families with opportunity to earn money for their families. They are taught work ethic and many different skills. At this time, we are only able to provide 1-2 days of work per month for each family (which helps, but is not stable). Would you be willing to create jobs monthly or through a one-time donation for the Roma families?

How can I be involved? 

For one full day of work the family representative is paid $20. How many days per month would you be willing to create work for a family in need? If you would like to sponsor the work program monthly, or if you would like to make a one time donation please click on the button below. 
Scroll down to see pictures and an overview video of the Work Program.

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Thank you so much for your support for this program, and creating employment for the unemployed Roma!

Or: If you would prefer to make a one off donation instead towards the work program, please fill out the form below.


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